Vegetable Farms

The Vegetable Farms building is directly up the hill from the Community Center.


The main building houses melons, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, and wheat.  These can be auto-harvested by pressing a button on the first level, though the player will need to replant at each level manually.

A cocoa bean board sits adjacent, and a sugarcane grid sits behind the main building.


The primary building as added in late October 2012, inspired principally by RBiblical's creative prototype.  The cocoa bean board and the sugarcane grid were added in November of the same year.  These were not integrated into the main building due unwieldy size of the redstone wiring required to harvest these items in the limited space afforded by the Vegetable Farms building itself.


This building sits almost exactly where a hook-shaped mountain used to stand.  GhostFonz's original place was located up there but was moved to make room for the Community Center Area, and for projects specifically like this.

A video of the demolition of GhostFonz's place:
Demolition of Stefan's Place (November 10, 2012)

Demolition of Stefan's Place (November 10, 2012)