Moku The Mask is one of the main hero characters in the Misericordia Willy Randall series. He is a mask made of wood who contains the spirit of a legendary adventurer and wizard.

Story Edit

As a human, he attended to the Misericordia school, where he meet his now arch-rival Meko, his evil counterpart. Now, as a spirit reincarnated as a mask, he fights along with Willy and his friends to defeat Meko and his apprenticite, Luis Mamani, and all his evil forces.

Personality Edit

Moku serves as a father figure to Willy and Maylen, teaching him all they has to know about the life and always protecting them. His personality is like a responsable man, family man and a very worker character. He always has a good attitude and is good-natured.

Appearance Edit

Moku is a yellow and dark brown mask with huge Polynesian-like features. He has two horns on each side of his face, a dark brown mouth, and orange eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • His human form was blonde with dark brown hair.
  • He is the first character to appear in-sprite game on Willy Randall.
  • His horns are yellow on Misericordia Racing.

Gallery Edit