Willy Randall is the main protagonist of the Misericordia School. He is an 18-year old kid who has a great heart and fun-loving.

Willy's cartoon

Story Edit

He is the arch-enemy of Luis Mamani and his gang of bad guys, like every hero, he always stop Luis or another enemy during his bad activities.

Personality Edit

Willy Randall has a relax-man-kinda personality, he always procure that the others kids are safe in school, who has awardered him as an hero reputation on the Misericordia School.Also is a pretty fun guy and loves having fun. He always helps the others without anything in change.

Trivia Edit

  • Luis is his arch-nemesis since they where just babies.
  • Willy's second name is "Roger".
  • He is the middle-intelectual average of his class.
  • In the first day of 2016, Willy was running on the buffete changing the snacks's sale for some reason.
  • Luis always want to stop Willy's good acts, but, in every case, he fails, and Willy continuing ruining his evil plans in every case.
  • Willy is the main character in every game, even the spin-offs, such as Misericordia Racing.
  • Willy's age is on dispute, it's supposed to have 18 years old like Luis, but since the first game until the final game, he must have more than 23 years.
  • He is the only one with orange hair in the entire saga by now.
  • Willy's pants are fusioned with his boots in Misericordia Racing.
  • On Blinsanity, his boots are grey.
  • Also in this game, Willy is voiced by Jess Harnell, the one who voices Wakko Warner from Animaniacs.
  • Willy has shown to have 4 different vehicles trough the games, a Jet Sky, an Airplane, a Kart, and a Space Ship.
  • In Jihi de maddo boken , Willy says that he lived with his grandmother on an island for a time, but this is contradictory to the videogame series, were Willy was raised on a house on a street near the school.

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